ACHShowDickensGhosts2Paul Lehmann created Footloose Theatre in 1998 to bring classic stories to the theatre in an innovative and exciting format. The Company's first two shows, Dickens' Ghosts and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, have toured successfully throughout the UK to both public and critical acclaim. These one-man shows, performed by Paul, combine the best in physical theatre with the timeless art of storytelling. Through a fusion of voice, physicality and powerful visual imagery, the rich variety of characters found in the writings of Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle burst into life on stage.

'Paul Lehmann demonstrates both versatility and mental agility... he is the gaunt authoritative figure of Sherlock Holmes himself.'

The Stage


Ghost stories are a perennial favourite and this show brings together two Signalmanof the very best from that master of storytelling, Charles Dickens. Portraying a wonderful array of characters and with a high-energy performance that journeys from good-humoured fun to spine chilling horror, this is not a show for the faint-hearted!

The Story Of The Bagman's Uncle is one of the 'tales within a tale' from Dickens' first novel, The Pickwick Papers. It is the story of a travelling salesman who takes a mysterious ride on a ghostly mail coach. Retold by his sceptical nephew, hear how with only his wits to defend him, he gallantly attempts the rescue of a beautiful young lady.

The Signalman is one of Dickens' best known ghost stories; an imaginative response to the gloomy grandeur of the new railway architecture. The Signalman keeps his lonely vigil at the mouth of a remote railway tunnel. One evening, a curious visitor draws from him a tale of foreboding. Is someone or something trying to warn him?

Performed by Paul Lehmann    Directed by Simone Vause

Dickens Ghost's

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'…brought the right touch of atmosphere...'

Cumberland News


In this imaginative new adaptation, two of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories are vividly recreated for the theatre. Using only a handful of props and Sherloc kHolmessubtle lighting, the show follows Holmes and Watson as they encounter both high farce and gothic horror in Victorian England.

The Blue Carbuncle reveals Sherlock Holmes as a master of observation and deduction. An old hat and a Christmas goose provide the unlikely starting point in the hunt for the thief of a priceless gemstone. Ably assisted by his long-time friend Dr Watson, we follow the two as they pursue a trail of clues through familiar London streets one cold and frosty night.

The Engineer's Thumb is a strange, nightmare tale in the best gothic horror tradition. Following an early morning visit to Dr Watson, a hydraulic engineer reveals his story of a night of terror and torment in a lonely country house. Racing against time, Holmes and Watson set off across country to try and bring the villains to justice.

Performed by Paul Lehmann    Directed by Tony Grahn

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

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'Paul Lehmann… performed with a great deal of humour and style… bringing his subjects to life convincingly and placing them in a world of his creating.'

Eastbourne Herald



Fees are quoted upon application and are inclusive of travel, accommodation and publicity. Discounts are available when booking for 2 nights or more.


We supply 500 A5 leaflets and 50 A3 posters suitable for overprinting and 6 photographs for publicity and marketing. Additional quantities can be ordered at cost.

Technical Requirements

Dickens' Ghosts and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are designed to adapt to a wide range of venues, from small studios to middle-scale theatres. Both shows are technically uncomplicated but benefit from a programmable lighting system and good quality sound equipment. However, performances can easily be tailored to suit the facilities available at the venue.

Performance Times

Dickens' Ghosts: 85 minutes including interval.

Sherlock Holmes: 90 minutes including interval.


Both shows are aimed at general adult and family audiences. A lower age limit of 9 years is suggested for children.


Please contact the Company to check the availability of either show.



Paul Lehman
Footloose Theatre